Wednesday, April 20, 2022

week 05

Incorporating / replacing objects with sub - surface scattering blobs. Trying more geometric shapes than the more organic shapes from the previous weeks. The object is pretty well integrated, however I think the object should have a more wet surface close to the water. Would also be nice if the camera had more movement than just the subtle motion it currently has.

Exported two png sequences, one for the textured object with reflections and shadows and one for the alpha channel to separate the object from the shadow and reflection. The stone block that goes in front of the object is masked out in after effects.

Going forward maybe I should try to replace a bigger / more complex shape than just a cube.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Week 03

Continuation of the videos from last week, still with the Cinema 4D tracking as I had some trouble importing from Syntheyes.

Tracking for this is ok. The lighting however doesn't match that well.

Can't seem to get the lighting right on this one either. Also tried to mess around with trying to use people as a attractors.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Week 02

I can't get the Syntheyes tracking into Cinema 4D. I think maybe one way would be to download an older version of Cinema 4D and save the scene as a native Cinema 4D and then open in a newer version. As a result i used the native tracker in Cinema 4D but I think this is much more inaccurate than just the default settings in Syntheyes.

Tried masking out the lightpole in front of the objects, but didn't work that well. Also there's no ground shadows, which would make it look more integrated.

This didn't turn out that good. The object stays in place ok close to the camera, but the further away it gets, the more jittery it becomes. Looks ok as a still tho.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

week 01

Creating little scenes / projecting a fragment of another location, almost like a projection mapped green - screen. However i think it didn't really work that well in practice. I think they look better as digital objects rather than projected on the wall.

The thought behind these objects was to take objects / trash that would be normal to see thrown around.

I tried a few different scenes. I think the subway corner works the best, maybe because its the one that is the most integrated. E.g. with the door, the scale is off and with the other scene it looses all depth. Also i wish i experimented with a few different objects as well, instead of the bag of chips. I think basically any other object would've been a better fit, e.g the milk carton. The bag doesn't have an interesting silhuette.